Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tom Cruise Status

Fuck, so like Tom is down in fuckin Virginia doin some Navy* shit this week. I figured I'd point that out here in case anybody was wondering.

Tom is gonna be doin shit on the superdefuckinduper carrier Truman this week, so I have some nautical type fuckin questions about that shit for him to answer when he gets his ass back online.

  • Why a superfuckincarrier? Isn't a regular carrier like big enough? I seen the Enterprize. Motherfucker could hold like, a shit ton of MTA busses on it.
  • Isn't a bathroom on a boat called a head? Doesn't this kinda work against the Navy trying to not look like a bunch of queers? Buncha dudes "in the head".
  • Is the food on a boat good?
I apparently do not have as many questions about boats as I thought I did. Try to fuck a mermaid while you're there, Tom.

*Motherfucker is not, as far as I know, in the Navy.

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