Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bible

Sos I was thinkin' about Tha Bible yesterday. I tried callin' Tom to let him in on my thinks but we was both kinda busy, so I guess thats what the internets are for.

They say Tha Bible is the best-selling book of all time, right? Well I was thinkin about that statistic an' I think that even though its probably true there are probably factors that give The Bible unfair advantages.

Foist: The Bible has been around longer than like, any other book, ever. First in print, probably the only book in print, too, for a hella long time as well. Gave it a head start.

Second: Like a million versions of it exist. Every time some guy thinks "man, I don't like the stuff the priest says I can't do. I think I'll start my own, slightly different, religion" he re-writes the thing so that it leaves out the part he didn't like. Example: every bible since the King Henry VIII Bible has left out the passage about not marrying, divorcing, and either killing or imprisoning more than a half-dozen women, while every bible before it keeps that part in.

Third: People each end up owning like six of 'em. I can think of maybe two or three books that I have more than one of, and in every case it is because I lost a copy, got a new one, and then found the lost one (this always, always happens). However, I must have like six or seven Bibles, zero of which I went out and purchased of my own accord. Baby's First Bible, X-treem Bible for Teens, like three little New Testaments, Some Other Bibles that I took home from Sunday School ten years ago and never brought back. I never read them, I keep them all in the same place, and they are probably all based on teh same version of the thing, so it isn't like if I got in a Bibel analyzing mood they would be any help.

Thats all I got.