Friday, August 14, 2009


Sos I had another job interview today. Like the sixth or seventh so far this summer. I am getting sick of the fuckin' rejection letters.

"Dear Mister Cruise,

Thank you for interviewing for the position of Assistant Ass Kicker at The High School. Your qualitifcations and experience are impressive. Unfortunately, another candidate apparently had more impressive qualifications and experience, so we hired him instead.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in the Public Schools, and will look forward to blah blah.

Some fuckin' Guy"

Look at that shit. I got a stack of those things thicker than my dick.

Oh well. GOin' to the beach for the weekend. Gonna kick some ass and unwind. Hopefully I blew the skirt off of the interviewers this morning, if not, I'l make sure to kick the one on Monday right out of the park.

Very Nice

Damn, Tom Cruise. Lookin' fuckin' great over here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So I log in, to see what's up, and the whole blog thing is different colors.

I didn't do it, Tom says he didn't do it. Tom, did you do this? I like it. It's kinda... bloggy.

So fuckin' tired

Just spent the whole frickin day driving down to friggin Georgia. How is the drive so long? No way. Get real.

You know what?

Fuck you, Tom. Ya fuckin' asshole.

Intro Post

Hey guys, it's Tom.

Would you look at that fuckin' intro post down there? "Tom Cruise in the house." Jesus Christ Tom, could you get any more fuckin' cliche than "Hello World?"Are we fuckin' programming in C? Get real.

Anyway, yeah, this is my fuckin' blog that I just started. I'm still gettin' used to the whole thing, so hopefully there will be some new and exciting shit down the proverbial fuckin' road.


Hello World

Yo, Tom Cruise here. Just checkin' out this blog scene.

Just sayin' "Whats up, world? Tommy Fuckin' Cruise in the house."